SD Association Announces UHS-III (up to 624 MB/s), A2 Class, LV Signaling

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SD Association Announces UHS-III (up to 624 MB/s), A2 Class, LV Signaling

The SD Association has made three important announcements in the course of the past couple of weeks. First is the introduction of its UHS-III bus that increases the potential maximum throughput of SD cards. Second is the announcement of the Application Performance Class 2 standard, for devices that meet a new set of criteria that relate to IOPS. Third is a new Low-Voltage Signaling specification (LVS) that has potential to reduce complexity and power consumption of future applications featuring SD memory cards. Both the A2 and the LVS are parts of the SD 6.0 specification.

UHS-III: Up to 624 MB/s

As 4K, 8K and 360° content are becoming more widespread, the performance requirements for storage on cameras and similar devices is ever increasing. To support them, the SDA is introducing a new UHS-III interface bus that increases potential read/write bandwidth up to 624 MB/s (double that of the UHS-II). The UHS-III high-speed interface signals are assigned to the second row of SD card pins that are also present on the UHS-II cards, which means that the upcoming UHS-III cards will be backward compatible with UHS-II and UHS devices as well as any other SD hosts.

Comparison of UHS Bus Performance
50 - 104 MB/s 156 MB/s full duplex
312 MB/s half duplex
up to 624 MB/s (full duplex)

Since the SD Association only manages standards, it cannot make announcements regarding the availability of devices and memory cards supporting UHS-III. Given the fact that the new bus requires a redesign of SoCs currently in the market (the addition of a faster PHY may not be too hard from an engineering point of view, but it is time consuming), qualification and other efforts, it is logical to expect UHS-III applications about a year from now, if not later. Keep in mind that a couple of years passed between the announcement of the UHS-II and commercial availability of cards supporting the standard.

The SDA expects the camera industry, as well as various emerging devices that need high data throughput, to adopt UHS-III first with others following s

SD Association Announces UHS-III (up to 624 MB/s), A2 Class, LV Signaling

15 months ago - 10:00 AM EST - Sat, Mar 11, 2017

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