Upcoming LGA3647 Skylake Xeons: A Tyan 2P Skylake-SP Motherboard Leaked

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Upcoming LGA3647 Skylake Xeons: A Tyan 2P Skylake-SP Motherboard Leaked

The next generation of high-performance Intel Xeons will be the second stage of Intel rearranging its professional stack. Stage one was separating chipset requirements of low core count Xeons from the consumer counterparts, but stage two to occur later this year will be something to wrap your head around. We still haven’t confirmed most of the salient details, such as significant changes in the naming and strategy when it comes to socket and die differentiators, but what we do know is that the large E5-class Xeons (some of which may or may not get a name change from –EP to –SP) will be in the LGA3647 socket, which is exactly where the current generation of Xeon Phi, Knights Landing (KNL), also sits as they will be pin compatible. So for the most part, E5 CPUs will move from the current LGA2011-3 sockets up to a much larger design, and rather than go into the details of what that means, this news post is more about seeing motherboards that support them in the wild. We expect to hear more about the new Skylake-SP Xeon platform in the summer, probably at IDF in August, but for now we get to gaze on accidental leaks like this one.

Exxact Corp, an Intel enterprise system integrator, posted up details regarding a pair of upcoming motherboards from Tyan, a well-known Intel enterprise motherboard manufacturer. These motherboards use a pair of LGA3647 sockets on the top of the board, with the DRAM slots above and below to assist with airflow through a server. As with some of the 2P motherboards we see today, the sockets are slightly staggered due to connectors and trace layouts, but both sockets exhibit a full six channels of DRAM with one DIMM per channel (1 DPC, we expect Skylake-SP Xeons to support 2DPC or 3DPC depending on the model).

While the image is small, and low quality, some determinations can be made. The specification list of the TYAN S7100GM2NR (and TYAN S7100AG2NR) is fully listed on the SI website as well.

Tyan S7100xx2NR Motherboard Specifications
  S7100GM2NR S7100AG2NR
CPU Support Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family
(Xeon-SP) up to 205W TDP

Upcoming LGA3647 Skylake Xeons: A Tyan 2P Skylake-SP Motherboard Leaked

14 months ago - 5:00 AM EST - Mon, Apr 17, 2017

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