Humble 7-Game Micro Jumble Bundle for PC for $1

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Humble 7-Game Micro Jumble Bundle for PC for $1

Humble Bundle offers downloads of its Humble 7-Game Micro Jumble Bundle for Windows for whatever you want to pay. If you opt to pay the bare minimum of $1, you'll get Geometry Dash, Pony Island, Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri, Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi, Space Pilgrim Episode III: Delta Pavonis, and Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol. That's $18 under what you'd pay for these games separately elsewhere.

Note: If you pay more than the average price (currently $3.04), you'll also get Who's Your Daddy, Town of Salem, Hack_Me, Hack_Me 2, Devil Daggers, and Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast. Select games are also available for Mac and/or Linux. Deal ends August 22.

Humble 7-Game Micro Jumble Bundle for PC for $1

12 months ago - 10:48 PM EST - Wed, Aug 09, 2017

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