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eDealsGuide.com has been an online guide for deals since it was created on November 13, 2004. The home page offers a very inviting list of deals from top to bottom. The day’s top 200 deals are summarized on the list. It gets updated by the hour so even a time frame of 24 hours may have more than 200 deals listed. Just keep coming back by the hour to see more deals.

Clicking on a link to a summarized deal opens to another window and brings you to the actual site where the deal is offered. You’ll also find useful resources on the left side of the screen. These are other deals and coupons sites which you can also visit for more bargains and discounts and offers online and in store locations. Some of the sites listed include popular networks as well as growing sites and newly established ones. The rest of the left and right sidebars are dedicated for advertisements.

For further browsing of offers, you may click on the tabs found on the upper area of the page. Clicking on the eDeals tab bring you back to the home page. eCoupons on the other hand opens a different page but still has the same content as the eDeals section. The Freebie tab is exclusively for freebies but the page is not updated as much as the deals section is. In fact, there are not much freebies to see although there are many you can search and find through the web. The same applies to the Black Friday tab which does not have as much content as the deal section does. There is at least a Google search option at the bottom of the page so you can search the web instead for more Black Friday deals.

The Categorized section is the next best page on the eDeals Guide site, next to the eDeals main page. This section also brings you the day’s best deals updated every hour. Aside from that, you’ll find all categories offered on the site. These are listed on the left side of the screen. The complete list of categories includes the following (in alphabetical order): accessories, audio, camcorder, camera, cell phones, communications, components, desktop, digital video recorder, DVD VCR player, free, furniture, games, hard drive, home theater, Internet, keyboard/mouse, laptop, memory, miscellaneous, monitor, MP3 player, networking, office, PDA handheld, power equipments, printer, scanner, software, speaker, storage media, VOIP, and webcam.


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