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DealsPl.us may be one of the most community oriented deals and coupons sites to date. Members not only share great bargains and finds within the forum, they also interact with each other through social media sites. As of this writing, 63,364 users have clicked on that “like” button on Facebook (meaning they are fans) and over 164,692 have followed Dealspl.us in Twitter.

As for the actual DealsPl.us website, over 5 million visit the site every month. Registered members have shared 557,144 deals and 64,924 coupons and still counting as you read this. More than 15,000 stores on the other hand have participated in the bargain. The site is also very accommodating to retailers and resellers. The DealsPl.us for Retailers provides more information about this.

Coupon categories on the other hand include Clothing, Computers, Electronics, Food, Games, Home, Office, Travel, Books & more, Kids & Baby, Weekly Ads, Printable, Credit Cards, and Grocery.

DealsPl.us was launched July 18, 2006 and is one of the largest deals and coupons site today. The community based site has more features offered to members and visitors other than the bargain shopping. The DealsPl.us blog features standout deals as well as site updates. The DealsPl.us tools section features a widget and a bookmarklet. The former can be added to websites for easy sharing of deals and coupons. Money Maker members can even earn for clicks gained from their site’s widget. The latter on the other hand makes submitting deals to DealsPl.us as easy as can be. The bookmarklet lets web users bookmark great deals and automatically submit the information to the DealsPl.us submission page.
At DealsPl.us, you can find deals based on time frame: most recent, 24 hours, week, month, and even year. Registered users may also keep track of deals they are following. How the deals are displayed can be chosen. Pick grid view versus row view. Show 20 versus 40 deals per page. Hide expired deals.

These deals can be further filtered through tabs hot, heating up, fresh, electronics, computers, home & garden, clothing, office, games, other, and freebies. The first three recognizes the deals’ status based on consumer clicks and responses. The rest of the tabs are top deal categories. Other categories include credit card offers, magazines & books, and a whole lot more.

Coupon categories on the other hand include Clothing, Computers, Electronics, Food, Games, Home, Office, Travel, Books & more, Kids & Baby, Weekly Ads, Printable, Credit Cards, and Grocery. Featured coupons and recently shared coupons are also listed. Popular coupons are also displayed on the right side when you click the deals category. The popular stores include Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target, Toys R’ Us, HP, Dell, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Expedia, Avis, Snapfish, and Gap.


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Contributor Sandy says: on Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:42 AM

Dealspl.us or Deals Plus has the best coupons and deals for their visitors and provides a easy way for online shopping. There are lots of products availabe on this site.
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Contributor herillusion says: on Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:51 PM

Since its initial launch, dealspl.us has built a strong social community, and a dedicated fan base that includes 50,000 Twitter followers and 49,000 Facebook fans. The user-generated site that relies solely on its visitors to post deals and coupons, operates on the belief in a sort of “coupon karma” and the eagerness of shoppers to contribute to the site knowing that it will encourage others to do the same. And sure enough, dealspl.us receives hundreds of user submissions a day, creating an ever growing database that at this moment includes 233,800 deals and 90,500 coupons from 15,000 stores.
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Contributor shoba says: on Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:44 PM

With its fresh and playful design and improved navigation, the new dealspl.us is more intuitive and user-friendly. Features like the oversize search field and large “Share” button make searching and posting deals and coupons fast and simple. Meanwhile, the new slogan, “get social, start saving” reminds users that it is the interactive nature of dealspl.us that makes shopping on the site a unique, engaging, and rewarding experience. And as for the car giveaway on Twitter, it is just another way to thank their users for helping to build and maintain the strong community that is dealspl.us.
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