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Due to Bargainist.com’s mission to bring only the best bargains, the site had received multiple awards and citations from authorities on and off the web. This 2005 founded company was included in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Web Sites in 2006 and it was one of PCMag’s Top 100 Favorite Blogs in 2007 as well as 2008. PCMag also chose Bargainist.com as one of top 10 coupon sites of 2008.

Bargainist.com has an inviting home page where all deals, discounts, coupons, sale items, and a whole lot more can be found. At the bottom of the page you’ll find sections for deals, coupons, tips, freebies, stores, archives, merchants, and products. Although some sections sound similar to each other, you’ll see differences if you check each section out. The deals tab of course brings you deal bargains. It’s similar to the home page. The coupons section is dedicated to nothing else but coupons. The freebies area is for freebies and free items after rebates.

Although stores and merchants may appear to be the same, opening the corresponding pages tell you that they are not. The stores section bring you deals, sales, and coupons based on store names that are arranged from A to Z. Merchants on the other hand are for product brands or manufacturer names.

Another section with a link at the bottom includes products. If you’re looking for categories, this is the right area for you to check. Archives on the other hand simply groups bargains based on category (left) and store or merchant (right). The number of items available is also listed. The tips link brings you shopping tips. It can be considered a blog but it’s not blogging about the bargains but on how shoppers can find bargains and save money.

Going back to main page, this is where the top 20 handpicked items are featured. Unlike other sites where you simply see a summary, Bargainist.com includes important details as well. You’d see the product offered, brand or store offering it, what the type of deal it is, how much you save, when it expires, and coupon codes to use if there is any. It can be comparable to a newspaper where the 5 Ws’s and an H are answered in a news story. The list can change by the way if new great deals are added on the web so you better check every hour or so to see more bargains. Otherwise, you’re going to have to browse through the succeeding pages in order for you to see more items.


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