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As the name of the site suggest, Deals.Woot.com is the perfect place for wooters (slang describing people who loves bargains). Woot.com in itself is an amazing source of deals, coupons, and bargains site. Deals.Woot.com is just one of the many popular sections of the site. The other pages/sites include Wine Woot, Shirt Woot, Sellout Woot, Kids Woot, Moofi Woot, and Woot Quest. Local Woot has just been recently launched too.

For a brief description of all the sites listed, most of them are pretty much explanatory except Sellout, Moofi, and Woot Quest. Sellout Woot is part of the Yahoo shopping network. Aside from Yahoo, the Carrolton, TX based Woot Company is also associated with the Amazon network. It was acquired under an agreement on June 30, 2010.

Going back to the Woot sites, both Moofi Woot and Woot Quest provide more deals than what it offered on the main Woot.com site although many of the links found here actually redirects back to the Woot’s home site. Local Woot on the other hand aggregates local deals but is currently on an invite based platform. You’ll get an amusing restriction message if you enter without logon permission.

This funny approach is what sets Deals.Woot and the whole Woot line of business apart from other related sites. Each deal is presented in an entertaining fashion (sometimes hilarious) you won’t get bored just browsing through the list of deals. Even its CEO Matt Rutledge writes a light hearted email to the rest of Woot.com’s staff when Amazon bought it last year (2010). Woot’s tag line is "One Day, One Deal." It had been featuring a list of deals on a daily basis since it was founded on 2004. The deals are kept throughout the day and are replaced by the next batch of items on the following day (midnight at Central time). No new deals are added until midnight even if some items are already sold out before the day ends.

Deals.Woot.com on the other hand is based on the platform used by most deals and coupons sites these days. The top deals are featured on the main page based on the number of votes. The rest of the deals remain listed in their respective categories until they have reached an ample number of votes to be listed on the main deals page. Deals.Woot.com was launched November of 2009 and has reached its 100,000th deal mark on March of 2011.


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