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DealsVista.com is one of the newest deals and coupons sites. JohnChow.com believes that the site got its name to jump into the hype associated with Microsoft’s Windows Vista when it was released back in 2007. This was not mentioned in the site or anywhere else however. Another resource, SiteTrail.com analyzes DealsVista.com as per social media and SEO. Cutting the story short, Deals Vista has great scores for both.

Leaving that note about Windows Vista an open question, let’s talk about what we do know about DealsVista.com. This deals and coupons sites features the best discounts and bargains from all over the web. Unlike other similar sites with very long scroll down pages and complicated interface, Deals Vista features a simple site which you can become acquainted with within a minute or two.

Upon observation, the pages load faster because each page is compact and compressed. You can browse through the length of a whole page without much effort. The main page has tabs for deals, daily deals, and coupons. The deals section features the hottest deals and recent deals. These are reduced to only the top 20 so there won’t be any problems with the pages loading. Anyway, you can always browse through pages from the first all the way to the end if you’d like to see all.

Shoppers can also opt to view with a list style or a grid view. Items which are displayed can also be stretched from 20 to 40 as you please. Expired deals can also be automatically filtered out too. Some of the best deals here are for the following categories: computers & office, computer peripherals, electronics, clothing & accessories, health & beauty, home & garden, gaming & toys, and everything else.

Among all deals from page 1 to the end, the top ten deals are highlighted so shoppers know which are handpicked to be the very best among the rest.

The Daily Deals section highlights the best deal of the day for top categories. You can even filter the items based on brand and price ranges. These are up to date so you know which deals are still working. The top shops for DealsVista.com are also shown here.

The Coupons section lists everything you can think of when it comes to coupons. All expired ones are filtered automatically in this section too. The top deals are once again seen here along with the popular stores and tags. Some of the most shopped stores include Dell, Lenovo, Electronics Expo, Cellular Factory, Amazon, Sears, and Walgreens, to name a few.


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