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There’s not much you can find about LiveHotDeals.com on the web yet save for statistics from various sites including SiteAdvisor.com. This site tests other websites using McAfee to check if there are any issues as well as threats such as spyware, virus and other malicious or harmful software. Based on Site Advisor, there is none from LiveHotDeals.com and that the site is safe from browsing.

There are also a few questions posted by users about the company’s location. Apparently, there is no physical address showing save an email address. We’ve also noticed that there is a no "About Us" section or any page giving an introduction about the company. So we’re taking this opportunity to address the same concerns to the site owner. Other than these, most users have deemed that the site is relatively ok to use due to PayPal checkouts and the support for major payment options such as credit cards.

Going back to the site, everything it offers can be found on the main page. Major details appear encapsulated to make it easier even for first time visitors to navigate the site. You’ll find tabs for deals, coupons, freebies, and news right on the home page. Popular stores, all categories (at the footer you’ll see deals categories and coupon categories not combined together), hot deals, latest deals, hot coupons, and latest coupons can be easily spotted too on the main page.

A significant portion of the site is dedicated for computers and electronics products. Additional tabs on the middle portion of the home page lists featured items under laptops, TVs, desktops, GPS devices, digital cameras, top freebies, and phones. You can probably see how deals from computers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo are also featured in almost every page and corner.

All pages provide users the opportunity to compare prices. You can view the manufacturer or store site to find information on current prices as reference compared to prices as seen on Live Hot Deals. This can actually filter out the real deals from those which are not. The compare prices option is not often offered in other deals and coupons sites. Aside from this, users can also opt to hide expired deals to further filter out the items.

Since there are all too many deals out there, there are two separate tabs for deals in LiveHotDeals.com. These are latest deals and featured deals. As for coupons, although all are listed in one page alone, featured coupons are at least separate from latest coupons. Freebies and free after rebates promotion on the other hand are found on one page. The weekly ads section features flyers and circulars from specific stores each week.


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