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DealSea.com has the tagline, "Pay less. Get more." This holds true because the site features hot deals and coupons, plus so much more. With more than ten years of experience (2001 up to the present), Deal Sea brings the best deals from various stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Kmart, Target, eBay, Amazon, and so much more. Find deals and coupons from more than 1,000 stores online and brick and mortar shops. Some of this information is nowhere found on the website but is written on DealSea’s Facebook page.

The deals section features the latest news among bargains and sales. The latest news tab actually features the latest deals and coupon with only images showing. The Share a Deal tab on the other hand provides an opportunity for registered members to share a deal or two. The coupons section lists the top 15 coupons based on clicks from members and non-members filtered from thousands of other coupons listed. You may also search based on store names and keywords, still on the Coupon section. Other featured deals under the More tab include credit card offers as well as incentives and rebates for cars. You can even compare store prices for similar offered items.

Going back to the main page, the left sidebar features a search field and featured category i.e. credit cards and car rebates (similar to what was found under the More tab) including third party sponsored banners. The right sidebar also features sponsored listings and recent coupons. The rest of the main page just lists down all deals and coupons from top to bottom. Expired items are tagged so users need not check expiration dates to know in contrast to other sites wherewith there is a need to read the actual entry and see the date before realizing it is already expired. How the entries are presented can be comparable to a blog style where the latest entries are featured on the first page and all older entries can be checked by manually going back to the previous posts.

When it comes to reviews, most agree that the site offers lesser deals compared to other deal networks. It does however, feature great deals nonetheless. The site is very simple as well which is both good and bad. Good since people are browsing for deals and not Java scripts. Bad because it lacks the aesthetic appeal that some people do prefer. The site was launched June 27, 2001 but hardly had any updates since then.


Webutation.com assures that the site is at least safe for browsing according to Google. The website antivirus and child safety categories were also marked as safe with an excellent WoB or Web of Trust award.



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