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BargainShare.com has been sharing bargains, deals, coupons, and a whole lot more since it was created in 2002. This Lansing, MI site does not pose any data security threat as per web browsing safety standard reviewing websites like Site Advisor (using McAfee).

When it comes to site content, the majority of Bargain Share is dedicated for community forum board discussions. In fact, it’s noticeable that this deals and coupons sharing site is all about what the community has to share. As of this writing, there are 64,649 registered members with 1,022,841 posts posted since this platform began.

Although there is a section named community, the whole site is community based. The members share bargains, coupons, deals, discounts, freebies, giveaways, rebates, and everything else where you can save money. The community section is further divided into two sub-sections. The off topic forum allows members to talk about everything outside saving money. The computer & tech help forum is where people can share about news, reviews, deals, and everything else about computers. The sub-forum called product reviews and cool gadgets lets everyone talk about the latest from CNET or submit their own reviews of gadgets and gizmos.

The rest of the site is dedicated to all deals which everyone in the community shares. These are categorized into two which are Internet & retail deals as well as home & finance deals. The Internet & retail deals are further divided into sections. These are the hot deals, store offers & sales ads, coupon codes, and deal discussion. The home & finance deals on the other hand talks about grocery & drug store deals, freebies, contests, surveys, & sweepstakes, and finance & travel.

Hot deals post significant deals all over the web and from various merchants online. Store offers & sales ads posts everything else not included in any of the sub-forums. These are general sales ads, emails, and affiliated programs. Coupon codes posts printable coupons and of course coupon codes for both online and in-store merchants. Deal discussion lets members talk about everything else about Internet & retail deals. You can ask questions, request for bargains, and provide advice in relation to deals and deal hunting. You’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions in this sub-forum.

Grocery and drug store deals bring you the latest coupons and deals from local groceries and drug stores. Freebies feature nothing but free items with no purchase required. Contests, surveys, and sweepstakes as the name suggest shares contents and winning combinations for sweepstakes. Members can also discuss about surveys here. Finance and travel feature options on how to save money when it comes to travel. It also talks about credit cards, investing, and other finance subjects.


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