About SocialBuy.com

SocialBuy.com the new online community for product and service vouchers for cities throughout the country. SocialBuy provides a platform for users to receive steep discounts on local products and services by offering exclusive daily deal  vouchers. SocialBuy's brand partners include Sprinkles Cupcakes, Sunset Tan, PinkBerry, Dolce Group, ZaZa Nails, Yo Cup, Lava Lounge and many more.

SocialBuy follows a group buying model, with a set quota for each discount to be activated. A mutually beneficial program for both consumers and businesses, SocialBuy helps high-end sellers bring in new customers while allowing consumers to secure exclusive deals and discounts on a wide range of luxury goods and services.

SocialBuy provides an engaging, user-friendly collective buying marketplace in every major metropolitan city by offering users products and services at the lowest negotiated prices.

Consumers can find a diverse array of group deals on SocialBuy, in a variety of categories including: food and dining, high fashion, health and fitness, cultural arts and entertainment, outdoor recreation, nightclubs and bars, sporting and special events, spas and beauty, and more.

SocialBuy is unique in that it is fully committed to offering consumers a user-friendly platform providing the best savings the internet has to offer. Members can purchase deal of the day by simply completing an offer form, and can view past purchases and comprehensive savings with ease. Users can also participate in real-time conversations with other users, as well as join specialized groups that alert members about savings relating to their interests, while streamlining the deals available each day on SocialBuy.


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