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It appears that Ben is running a one-man show on Ben’sBargains.net and he is doing it well. Ben had been hunting bargains all over the Internet since 2000, when the web was still starting to boom as an industry. The bargain hunter Ben has not missed to update the site since then, every day we seen new deals and bargains being featured on the site.

We are talking on the figurative sense of course. The site probably has employees scouring the World Wide Web for bargains on a daily basis now. You can also find Ben’sBargains.net on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too where people contribute deals. The online community in general also talks about Ben’sBargains.net on a positive note. Some calls it one of the first class shopping sites and have listed it among other top deals and coupons sites.

Ben’s popularity as an authority in bargains have reached the web far and wide that even competitor sites have copied the format such as in the case of XPBargains.com but the legal issues behind it were actually dismissed. You can read more about it by searching.

TopTenReviews.com includes Ben’sBargains.net in the number #4 spot for the hottest deal sites in 2011. It cites great features of Ben’s Bargains as the reason why. Some of which include the deals you can find (of course), how the deals are listed (accurate, up to date, and with more detailed information than what other sites feature), a unique presentation of deals, a great resource for coupons, the presence of a mobile content area, a forum community and message board, and a section for free stuff.

The deal presentation makes it stand out against the rest of the deals and coupons site. Each deal is uniquely presented with snippets found on the main page. As we thought so, Ben is not alone anymore. He’s got hands helping him out. Members can actually submit deals and their usernames will be reflected on each deal submitted.

Each item presented by registered users is given a discussion link so other members can be able to talk about it. You can also vote up the deal as a good deal or watch it and see how far it progresses. The hotness section tells you about the item’s status based on users votes. The price history button even lets you see how the item’s price had changed over time as seen on the website. The "Click Here" button actually displays other entries showing the same product. Clicking on the title brings you to the source of the deal.


Contributor Peter says: on Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:20 AM

I like BensBargains as it provides very good deals and coupons. It also has forum. Every one should try out this site and check all the best coupons.
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Contributor Guest says: on Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:23 AM

Nice site
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