About BigTip.com

BigTip.com empower individuals, organizations and businesses by providing unique up-to-date information. Its dedicated team of professionals strives to gather the most relevant content for our users.

More than just a great deal, for BigTip it's all about enabling you to live better and experience life more.

BigTip was founded in 2010 and uses innovative technology to broadly deliver personalized local offers to suburban markets. With over 100,000 deals in 6000 cities, BigTip system delivers the most relevant offers to users - not just a random single deal of the day.  BigTip also empowering merchants to control their digital promotions in order to reach the best customers for their business and get the most out of their online marketing.

BigTip's employs sophisticated statistical algorithms to deter fraud. If you're having a problem with a transaction, please verify you have enough credit on the card, and are using the correct name, address, and phone number of the cardholder. If you still have issues, please contact our customer support team at bigtip.com.



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