About DoubleTakeDeals.com

DoubleTakeDeals from Clipper Magazine offers exclusive local 50-off Discount Savings Certificates to its readers and friends. Purchase a Discount Certificate for 50 percent the normal merchant price and go use it tomorrow. New Deals released with each Clipper Magazine so the best coupons never last long!

DoubleTakeDeals was designed for value-minded consumers who expect a great offer to try something new. DoubleTakeDeals was also designed to equally benefit local small businesses. They want an introduction to you along with a chance to earn your recommendation to friends. Mint Magazine, a regional leader in local business coupons, built DoubleTakeDeals to bring you both together!

Each issue of Clipper Magazine will announce the incredible 50% off local savings on area restaurants, health & beauty centers, attractions, home services and a whole lot more. DoubleTakeDeals deals are combined with one consistent theme - to SAVE you and your friends money and to offer businesses the opportunity to gain large groups of new customers.

DoubleTakeDeals daily deals are so exclusive that it hopes you’ll want to share them with everyone you know!


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