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The babe behind BargainBabe.com is Julia Scott, a former reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News. She had launched the Bargain Babe blog on January 2009 and has been writing about bargains, discounts, and a lot more ways to save money while shopping. The site has been highly applauded by various other sites, media companies, and individual personalities. These are all documented in the site in the same way they value reader testimonies.

The home page lists about 15 blog posts for the past few days. There are about five posts for the current day and the older posts are for the previous two days. More posts can be found as you click on the previous entries section. Some of the products and items featured have extended expiration so even if the post is no longer on the first page and has been covered up by newer pages, you can still check them out for discounts and bargains.

There is no archive of all posts but you can easily browse through categories to find exactly what you need. The main tabs include food, coupons, money, save money on, and seasonal. Under food, you’ll find strategies to save, restaurant deals, organic eats, and recipes. The coupons section feature a coupon database, the Grocery University, grocery coupon, freebies & store coupons, and drugstore coupon. On the same section, you’ll also find contests & free stuff and can read useful materials on how to use coupons.

The rest of the remaining tabs are dedicated for blog posts that will help save you money in various ways. Some of the topics covered in the money section include budget, credit cards, money problems, money morality, bills, debt, taxes, and book reviews. Experiments related to saving money are also featured. You’ll also learn more about frugal living and things you can do to save money.

The blog will also teach you on how to Save Money On:

Computers & electronics
Gifts & gift cards
Home & garden
Health & beauty
Family & kids
Gas & cars
And miscellaneous

Seasonal blog posts can also be read. It features ways to save money when shopping or spending money during Christmas, back to school days, and other occasions or holidays.

BargainBabe is not just about a list of items. You’ll also read tips and inspiring stories that will have you save money. BargainBabe.com is also associated with other sites BargainBabeLA.com and WalletPop.com.


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