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It may sound repetitive for us to say that SmarterDeals.com provides smarter deals when compared to its competitors, but the website is an excellent price comparison engine when it comes to deals, discounts, coupons, bargains, and so much more. Its tagline "best computer deals every day" stays true to the company’s tradition of bringing nothing but the best items when it comes to computers and electronics products.

Smarter Deals was founded in 2005 and is based in San Jose, CA. The company has gone a long way since then. There’s even a widget box now which is solely dedicated to make sharing deals through Smarter Deals easier than ever.

This website is deemed as one of the leading price comparison engines in the Internet today. It is one of the best resources when you need to find the best or the most affordable in the technological side of the web. Unlike its major competitors PriceGrabber.com, Shopzilla.com, and Shopping.com which are all very broad when it comes to product searches, Smarter Deals specifically targets the area of technology.

Most shopping search engines have biased search functionality and display the items offered by the highest bidding merchant. Smarter Deals on the higher hand applies a shopper beneficial system wherewith the lowest priced items are displayed first. This unbiased system which favors consumers instead of shops makes it stand out against the rest. Since the site is consumer friendly, merchants of small and medium sizes can join and offer their goods with ease.

Not to be left behind with what is offered by almost literally all deals and coupons sites, Smarter Deals also features a daily deals section where about 500 items are listed. You can also narrow down your search through other sections like hardware, software, and electronics. The stock clearance page features the most affordable items on clearance sale. A section for reviews (blog) is also available. The tab for this however is not prominently seen on the header of the page. It is located rather on the lower section. As for product searches, all categories are listed on the main page if you want to continue browsing for more items.

The categories include audio electronics, business software, storage media, design & graphics softwares, digital cameras & camcorders, input devices, memory, multimedia, networking, communication devices, laptops & accessories, photocopiers, fax machines, office softwares, utilities softwares, GPS, cell phones, printers, PC components, projectors, antivirus & security software, storage devices, desktops, laptops, servers, tablet PCs, PDAs, video electronics, computer games, video games, and toys.


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