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TechBargains.com brings you the best prices for today’s technology. PC Mag reviews the site and mentions that despite what the name of the site suggests, Tech Bargains features bargains beyond technology. The site features various products, goods, and items that will have you save money. Other review sites all over the web also talks about Tech Bargains in a favorable way. In fact, Tech Bargains is always listed among the top ten deals sites in various reviews online.

TopTenReviews.com commends the website for easy navigation. The drop down arrow which corresponds to each of the main category makes it easier indeed to browse through sub-categories as well. There is also a great variety when it comes to the bargains featured. As mentioned, the name of the site does not limit the type of deals and coupons it offers. There is however an issue with old and expired items which are not updated right away. You won’t know if an item no longer works unless you go through the details. Speaking of details, the descriptions are straight to the point. This is perfect for those who need a summarized version of the deals only. But for those who loves reading details, this is the not place to find such.

When it comes to social media, Tech Bargains maintains a Facebook account and a Google gadget. You can also install the Tech Bargains widget if you own a blog or site so it’s easier to share about deals and coupons from TechBargains.com back to your readers.

TechBargains.com was founded in 1999 and is based in San Francisco, CA. Since then, the company has progressed and had even branched out to other countries. I’ve seen an Australian domain for Tech Bargains. The site is updated 24/7 and features only the best when it comes to deals and coupons. The site scours hundreds or even thousands of deals everyday to bring you only the best.

Going back to navigating the site, even new visitors will find it easy to browse through the pages and sections. The main categories include computers, electronics, and non-tech. These are further sub-classified into additional categories which you will see once you point your mouse over a category.

Aside from the categories, you’ll also find tabs for other important sections of the site. Compare prices is powered by Price Grabber. If you think the page looks the same with other sites, yet it is. The Price Grabber feature is the same. The only thing different are the list of categories and stores. Other sections include coupons, stores, reviews, news, forums, and classic Tech Bargains. These are pretty much self-explanatory except for the latter. Classic Tech Bargains is actually just an extension of the home page. You’ll see more of the best items here.


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