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Direct2Deal.com has been directing consumers towards the best deals online since it was launched on February of 2005. In the words of an affiliated reviewer written in 2007, it says that Direct to Deal aims to "provide an easy way to find lots of goods without giving much effort to all internet consumers." The sites offer an easy option to look for goods and services without manually browsing through individual sites and stores. Direct2Deal already compiles the best deals, coupons & codes, bargains, discounts, free items & free shipping, rebates and a whole lot more. You’ll find items for various categories such as computers, electronics, cell phones, entertainment products, household items, and many more and these are updated on an hourly basis.

The site has undergone various changes when it comes to its web design. These are all documented as the same one or more designers have posted about the changes in web designer forums to ask for feedback from other webmasters. As of the moment, the site features a noticeably unique way of presenting categories. These are not listed nor found in drop down lists. The categories are illustrated by a diagram of triangles forming 10 overlapping sections. The first is of inverted triangle shape, the next is a regular upright triangle, following by the same sequence until the 10th triangle.

If there are any tabs present, these are for different pages of the site such as the home page, forums, coupon, submit deal, share your experience, subscribe now, text version, link exchange, and site map. The home page features the best offers as chosen by the site. About 50 of these are listed with thumb nails. The upper right header displays tabs for featured Amazon products, special offers, Dell deals, past deals, and the weekly paper ads. You’ll also notice calendars of the current month and the previous month displayed on the right side. Clicking on a specific date brings you the items featured for that day. Of course, an option to see all merchants is also available through a drop down list.

The forum is fairly new but nonetheless provides an opportunity for registered members to discuss anything related to deals and the site itself. The coupon tab lets you choose from the triangle of categories. The coupons are then filtered based on your chosen category. Like most deals and coupons sites, the "submit deal" tabs lets you share deals you have stumbled upon somewhere. The "share your experience" section lists all comments and feedback from shoppers since 2007. You may also subscribe for deal alerts via email.


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