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DailyMemories.com is a unique one day deals site. Items featured here are perfect for every American home. You’ll find decorations and accessories that can liven up a home inside and out. The site was established on November 15, 2006 and is based from Salt Lake City, UT.

The site features new items everyday at very affordable prices. Some of the items featured include products for décor such as vases, painting, pots, candles, holders, and more. You’ll also find daily deals for scrap booking as well as items used for other arts and crafts. Anything that has something to do with memorabilia, give away, memoir and all other goods can be found in this site.

If you’re looking for something else, you’re probably going to be disappointed as the site only features limited types of products. You may find sister sites interesting if you’re looking for something else other than home products. OutdoorDaily.com is offering as the name suggests, features deals used outdoors. CampMan.com on the other hand is for goods you can use for camping and other outdoor activities.

Another noteworthy feature of the site is for members. Sign up to receive daily notification about new deals posted every day and automatically receive a raffle ticket for the Weekly Drawing promo. If you purchase any of the deal items for the week, an additional entry will be provided to you. You can also increase your chances of winning by referring friends and family. Just click on the "Email this Deal to a Friend" button and follow the instructions. The prize varies every week and is composed of different gift items. The total amount will not be less than $100.

As for the items featured under Today’s Deal section, you’ll find the products price listed along with shipping charges and the SRP or suggested retail price. You will notice the difference between prices. You’ll also see how much time is left before the deal ends. The next section is for purchasing the item. It’s very easy. Just chose how many items you are to purchase and your email address for verification. You can only pick 5 items for every purchase. If you would like to buy more than 5 items, you can do so by going through the same process. If you prefer to read more information before actually buying the featured item, you can do so through the product info and the company info sections.

DailyMemories.com imposes a standard shipping fee for 48 U.S. states with Alaska and Hawaii not included. There’s no shipping possible outside the U.S. as well.


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