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What Makes Dealko.com Different?

With all too many one day a deal sites and Woot.com wannabees, what makes Dealko.com different? Well, for one the site design is really different. It uniquely looks like the old black and white television sets, except that the site is not plain black and white. The huge T.V. screen site interface is in various shades of red and other colors too.

Navigation is easy despite the graphic interface. The first knob for the on and off switches provide only two options. It’s defaulted to the "on" button which is for the main deals or home page. Turning the knob towards the "off" button brings you to the Dealko-mmercial page (more details about this below). Navigation buttons for the home page and Dealko-mmercial page are also found at the bottom of the screen.

The second knob is for channels. Selecting a channel brings you to different sections of the page. You may also use the shortcuts to these sections by clicking on the corresponding links below the secondary knob. Another interesting graphics area of the site is Dealko-meter. It specifies how much longer is the deal available or how many items are left on the supply. The actual number of items left is not provided but you get an idea of an approximate number of items based on the level meter. The accurate time left in hours, minutes, and seconds is actually displayed under the daily raffle game of guessing when the deal item becomes sold out (more details about this below).

Dealko.com was launched in December 2005 and is based in Ontario, Canada but the site ships to both the U.S. and Canada. This deal site features the same humor found in Woot.com, but only is certain sections of the site. The actual deal offered for the day is presented in a professional manner. If you would like to see more funny reads, you can hang out the community section and discuss deals and more with other registered members. The humor to beat will be no less than the Dealko-mmercial. This is the video area updated daily in connection to the item offered. If not, you can still expect very funny videos found by the site elsewhere online.

Aside from the day’s daily deal, there are other offers featured on the site that will help you save money. Special promos are offered regularly such as receiving the deal item for free and paying the shipping only for every 20th order and so on. You can also win a prize for guessing at what time the deal item will be sold out. In case of multiple correct guesses, a single winner will be chosen through a raffle draw.


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