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EjectIT.com – Eject err… Buy Items at Your Chosen Price

EjectIT.com lets you buy items at your chosen price. Unlike other one day deal sites which simply present a single deal daily at fixed prices, EjectIT uses a different pricing strategy. It starts off with an initial price offer. This price drops several at random instances. There is no specific pattern. But when it does, it allows you to buy when you think the price is right for you to purchase the item.

With this method, there is an element of excitement as you will never guess how much the price drop is going to be and how long will the item be listed. While other sites strictly follow a time frame for deals to be replaced, often at 12 MN of either EST or CST, EjectIT does not. There is no knowing when an item is removed from the main page. When it’s removed, it’s completely removed for good too. So if you think the price is right already, it’s best to buy it right away.

Aside from the chosen item, you can also view other deals still currently. You can see three items at a time. These items however, are available only at fixed prices and no price drops feature is offered. You can see a set of three items each time. No one knows how many exactly are available. The items are listed randomly at no particular order. So if you are in search for a specific item, you can do so through a search functionality tab found at the upper right hand corner of the page.

The EjectIT list features the past, present, and future. Current items are of course displayed. You may still view the past ejected items if you wish to do so as well. But they’re no longer obviously offered and you cannot purchase them anymore. There’s also an option to see a glimpse of what’s offered next. You can opt to receive notification when the item becomes up for grabs. You may also request notification for any updates related to the items featured or the site in general.

As for the featured item, product details, features, specifications, package inclusion, and other information can be found below the image so you can read more about the product before you actually purchase. Shipping information is also provided in case you need to know. The items are shipped normally through USPS, UPS, and FedEx. If there are any exemptions, you will know when you track your order. The site currently ships only within the U.S. and Canada as of the moment.


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