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FubuBling.com is still bubbling with daily deals despite being auctioned on Flippa earlier this year (January 2011). The bidding ended with no closed deal. We still see today offering deals on a daily basis. FubuBling still stands by its tagline of "cheap cool gadgets". You’ll find all sorts of gadgets and accessories at amazingly low prices. The site is a great source of electronics products, computers, mobile phones & accessories, jewelry & accessories, home entertainment products, other consumer products, and so much more.

The site was launched on April 13, 2005 and is based in Missouri, USA. Its sales and ordering process is operated by the Yahoo Shopping Network. You will notice the Yahoo icon on the navigation tab showing. When you go through the ordering form as well, Yahoo manages the checkout page. You can pay through PayPal or through credit cards with Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover.

Since FubuBling is a Yahoo site, the privacy policy is similar to what is used by other Yahoo shopping sites. You may have to read a separate privacy policy from Yahoo. Despite an external company also responsible for the operation of the site, FubuBling does have its own privacy policy for all information provided to the site. There is not much to worry about when it comes to this as very minimal information will actually be submitted to the site. There is no registration required. There is forum or any form of communication among visitors. The only way to contact them is through email. This maybe annoying for those who doesn’t really use an email client and prefers web based emails. Clicking on the contact form opens up your computer’s email client automatically.

Going back to site navigation, on the home page you’ll find 5 or more items offered at a time. Although the site is categorized as a one day deal site, the deals are not actually updated every day. In fact, most of the deals are offered on an extended period with no specific expiration date. We can assume that they are featured for as long as the stock and supplies last. The gadgets offered are indeed cool but the breadth of items available is limited.

You will also notice referral links and offers which redirect to other websites. FubuBling.com does not offer any referral or affiliate program of its own and has no compensation method. It can be described as a shopping site with limited offers. After 6 years of operation, the site did not have much progress.


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