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Online Shopping Tips: Be Safe then Sorry!

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  • Make sure you checkout on secure sites: If there's a small locked padlock or an unbroken key icon at the bottom of your screen, then the site's secure. Only you and the store will be able to see your information.

  • Pay by credit card: It gives you a record of your transaction, and if you're not satisfied with a product or service that you purchased, your credit card issuer may be able to help you. Additionally, your transaction will be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. If you get fraudulently entries on your credit card statement, with most credit cards you probably won't be liable for anything at all. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover all have these zero liability policies.

  • Never send cash: Never, Never and Never! And if you have to try a money order or personal check which can be traced. Google Checkout and PayPal is a much better alternative if available on site.

  • Check ratings and reputations: Sites like and provide ratings and reviews on hundreds of online stores.

  • Stores you don't know: If a site fails to provide a mailing address, phone number or other contact information, or does anything else that makes you suspicious - spend your money some where else or search online about that store at , or .

  • Read return and refund policy before you buy: How much time do you have to return a product? Who pays when you send back a defective product? Is there a restocking fee? Learn the answers to these questions before you buy.

  • Print out confirmations to PDF: Whether it's an e-mail or a Web page, print out your order's results as PDF and save it as a receipt. You can download a PDF printer at

  • Never send credit card or password info via e-mail: Normal e-mail is not secure.

  • Ask or Search in FAQ: If you're unclear about anything -- from delivery costs to warranties to item condition Search on site or send e-mail with your question or give a phone call.

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